Synthwerks currently offers three USB lamp modules, the LAMP-1, LAMP-2 and the LAMP-3.

The LAMP series will work with almost any commercially sold USB or “Laptop” lamp and is current-controlled to eliminate stressing the main cabinet power supply. They have been tested and work with many USB lamps, from single LED to 10-LED light bar assemblies.


The LAMP-3 module is different from the LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 modules in that it provides three USB type-A sockets that can supply power to any standard USB device, limited only by the current supplied by the +5V bus that it is connected to. Like the LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 almost any standard USB “laptop” lamp can be used with the LAMP-3, but unlike the LAMP-1 and LAMP-2, the LAMP-3 can be used to power external gear that use USB power, such as small keyboards, smart phones, or tablets. Unlike the other LAMP modules, the LAMP-3 module derives ALL of its power from the +5V power bus of the cabinet it is installed in (which is required), and the ability to power ANY devices plugged into it is solely dependent on the current rating of that +5V supply. Since few  Eurorack modules require +5V to function, typically in cabinets that supply +5V, there is plenty to spare. The LAMP-3 module is basically 3 panel mounted cable adapters, wired directly to your cabinet's +5V supply.


The LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 are 4HP in width.

The LAMP-3 is 3HP in width.

The LAMP-1 has a MSRP of US$60 with no Lamps.

LAMP-2 has a MSRP of US$65 with No Lamps.
The LAMP-3 With NO lamps for a MSRP of US$50


(note: lamp pictured for suggested example only)




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