The Force Sensing Resistor Family

FSR-4 • Classic and MkII Quad FSR module

FSR-4C/B • Quad FSR module with large sensors

FSR-1N • Single Channel FSR module

FSR-2P • Dual Passive FSR module

FSR-1T • Single FSR Module with Momentary/Toggle Switch

The Slide Potentiometer Family

SP-1P • Single Passive Slide Pot module

SP-4DP • Quad Dual Active Slide Pot module

The USB LAMP Family

LAMP-1 • USB Lamp module with 4-way Multiple

LAMP-2 • Dual USB Lamp module

LAMP-3 • Triple USB Power Access Module

The PGM-4X4 Four By Four Programmer/Sequencer Module

Four columns of four separate rows of programmable control voltages that can be selected manually (in Programmer Mode) or played serially (in Sequencer mode) and is stackable and chain-able to make a larger system.

The PC5V Module

PC5V • Patch Cord Checker, +5V and Variable voltage source

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