1) You tell us what items, and quantities of each you want to purchase.


2) We see if we have units boxed up and ready to ship. We are a build to order shop here. We stock “smart PCBs” in house, PCBs with all the SMD parts flowed on them, but not the through hole parts, like connectors and pots. If we don’t have the units built up and boxed already, we will make them, test them, and box them up for you.


3) This is the important step - You give us the shipping address so we can calculate the postage amount, and if there is a big difference between shipping methods, we email you the prices to you so you can choose the method you are willing to pay for, otherwise we choose the fastest option if the prices are close. We prefer to ship United States Postal Service (USPS) Domestic or International unless you request a different carrier that is available to us. If you have an account with another shipping company, please provide us with the information needed to use them. USPS has consistently been MUCH cheaper than all other forms of transport we have tried. For smaller orders, UPS and FedEx can be over twice the cost of the modules themselves (especially internationally). This usually means USPS Priority Mail Package or First Class Package is used, and we also prefer these because we can print the labels, and pay for the service in house. We also require Shipping Insurance for full value of the goods on all USPS shipping methods that don’t already include insurance, and that they also still provide that service (domestic USPS Priority Mail Package orders at, or under $50 have insurance included).  For Domestic orders, we prefer USPS Priority Mail Package. Typically continental US shipping is under $10. You can check on the USPS website - - using a shipping weight of under a pound from 98107 to your zip. Only the PGM-4X4 will weigh more than a pound when boxed.


If the goods are being shipped internationally, you will have to pay all customs and VAT charges that appear at your end of the trip. Also if shipped internationally, we will need email and contact phone numbers for the customs forms. We may ask some clarification on parts of the shipping address (sometimes city, county, province, etc are not that obvious to Americans).If the shipment is overseas, typically the customs people also want a contact telephone number in case there are any questions at your end. A single smaller module, when boxed for shipping, weighs around 6oz depending on the shipping box (we recycle cardboard into boxes so the shipping boxes vary), and a up to a pound package to Most EU countries, for example, would be around an extra US$22 or so for First Class or around US$40 plus Insurance for Priority Mail international (Priority Mail international  orders at, or under $200 have FREE insurance). VAT and customs fees vary from place to place and are paid at your end. If you are ordering from outside the USA, the best way to keep shipping cost down is to make a group order with other local synthesist and share the shipping cost. The shipping prices are usually the same until you cross over 1 pound in weight, so you might think about getting some local friends involved buying modules so you can save shipping cost. We can also offer sales without the Store Display packaging (modules carefully packed in one box) to cut the weight down to under a pound if possible. Typically we can box 3-4 smaller modules in one shipping box, without display boxes, and keep the weight under a pound,


4) We will email you, at the email address you contacted us with, a PayPal invoice showing the total cost (if you would prefer a different billing email address, let us know). If the cost looks good with you (please also check the shipping address for errors), just pay the invoice. If you change your mind and don’t wish to purchase at that time, just reject the invoice (please email us and confirm you changed your mind) and nothing will happen.


5) We ship as soon as possible (earliest business day) after the money clears PayPal and we email you the paid invoice and all tracking or customs numbers.




Synthwerks is proud to be a member of
the Mostly Modular Trade Association.