SYNTHWERKS manufactures Eurorack format music synthesizer modules, with a primary focus on Performance Modules. These are modules that the synthesist physically interacts with, allowing them more expressive options for control their synthesizer than the traditional control voltage keyboard provides. Utilizing analog technologies, a new series of Synthwerks Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) and manual gate pushbutton modules allow the performer a truly analog hands-on control of almost any voltage controlled element of their sound.

Although the primary focus of Synthwerks may be performance modules, we are continually studying the modular synthesizer market and striving to make modules of all kinds to fill the gaps we find in the current offerings by other manufacturers.

We make Utility Modules that can add to the overall functionality of a synthesizer rig. These can be as simple as a patch cord checker, a flexible gooseneck LED panel light, or a 5 volt power converter. Albeit these modules are not as glamorous as many, but once installed and used, they would be sorely missed if absent.

In the current market one can find many different types of Audio Modules manufactured in the Eurorack format. There are many filters, modulators, amplifiers and sound sources to choose from, covering the full gamut from traditional functions to the very extreme. Synthwerks will probably not be providing vanilla modules like LPFs, VCAs, and VCOs. Instead, we again will be looking at the holes to fill. Expect high quality microphone preamps, smooth sounding limiters, headphone monitors, and maybe a few non-standard filter designs to have the Synthwerks logo on them. We also listen to the users of our modules. If anyone comes to us with a great idea, there is a good chance we will try and make it – and improve it if we can.

Synthwerks has a passion for modular music synthesizers and if you have a Eurorack synthesizer system, try adding some of our passion to your system.






Synthwerks is proud to be a member of
the Mostly Modular Trade Association.